Visitor Guide

Event Details

Date Location Event Timings Website
January 25th (Thursday) to January 28th, 2024 (Sunday) Singapore Changi Expo Hall 5B, 1 Expo Dr, Singapore 486150 (Near Changi Airport) 10 am – 10 pm

Event Overview

Welcome to Namaste Bharat! Get ready to experience an engaging exhibition highlighting a diverse range of lifestyle products from numerous exhibitors. Here's your essential guide:

Available Services for Visitors

Assistance Wi-Fi Product Showcasing Logistics Support Washrooms
Knowledgeable staff available for guidance and queries. Accessible within the exhibition premises for your convenience. Explore a wide variety of lifestyle products on display. Information and assistance are available for logistical needs. Are located before the hall and at the back of the hall behind the F&B stalls.

Transport and Parking

  • Local Transport: Details on MRT (metro train), taxi, and bus services provided for convenient commuting.
    1. MRT: Singapore EXPO is served by two MRT lines: the East-West (Green) Line and the Downtown (Blue) Line. You may travel by either line and alight at the Expo MRT station (CG1/DT35), which is located nearest to Foyer Two or Hall 6.
    2. BUS:

      96029 – EXPO Halls 1/2/3: Bus services 12, 24, 38

      96021 – Opp EXPO Halls 1/2/3: Bus services 12, 24, 38

      Shortest walk to Foyer Two and Halls 4/5/6:

      96039 – EXPO Halls 4/5/6 : Bus services 12, 24, 38

      96031 – Opp EXPO Halls 4/5/6: Bus services 12, 24, 38

      96301 – Expo Stn Exit B: Bus services 20 and 118

  • Parking Arrangements: Information available for parking facilities near the Expo Hall. Charges are 1st 2 hours $1.80, post that it’s $1.50 every 30 minutes.

FAQs and Additional Queries: For any further queries or additional assistance, visitors are encouraged to refer to the FAQ on our website.